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Clinic Resources

Whether your clinic staff is new to diabetes care for cats and dogs or seasoned pros, these resources will help them educate pet owners and ensure successful at-home care with PROZINC® (protamine zinc recombinant human insulin).

PROZINC® Feline Technical Detailer

PROZINC Insulin Feline Technical Brochure

A multi-page detailer for vet staff that explores the efficacy of PROZINC insulin as a treatment for feline diabetes.


consumer brochure

Pet Owner Brochure — Feline 

A brochure educating cat owners on feline diabetes, at-home care and managing signs with PROZINC insulin


Field efficacy and safety of protamine zinc recombinant human insulin

In this study that included over 200 diabetic patients, PROZINC insulin demonstrated efficacy and control of clinical signs associated with diabetes mellitus in both naive and previously treated diabetic dogs.2


Pet Owner Brochure — Canine

A brochure educating dog owners on canine diabetes, at-home care and managing clinical signs with PROZINC insulin.


cat dog administration booklet

Cat and Dog Administration Booklet

This step-by-step guide makes it easy for pet owners to prepare the injection and then to administer it safely to their cat or dog. 


Product Information (Cat)


pi insert dogs

Product Information (Dog)


SID Treatment Guide

A helpful how-to guide for managing once-daily dosing in canines


PROZINC Insulin Feline and Canine Technical Brochure

This multi-page detailer provides an overview of how PROZINC insulin can help treat diabetes in canine and feline patients.


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2 Ward CR, Christiansen K, Li J, et al. Field efficacy and safety of protamine zinc recombinant human insulin in 276 dogs with diabetes mellitus. Dom Anim Endocrin. 2021;75.